July 1, 2008

After a long blink, our eyes are open and ready for some talking!

Since our last blog, Talking Eyes Media has been quite busy with lots of projects. But after taking a long 'blink' in our posts, TEM's eyes are now wide-open to blogging and are ready for some talking!

Firstly, we're proud to announce that our latest film, "The Sandwich Generation," is now available on DVD! (Click here to order a copy: http://www.talkingeyesmedia.org/purchase.php) In this emotionally charged account of family caregiving, TEM filmmaker Julie Winokur and her husband, photojournalist Ed Kashi, reveal their personal account of raising two young children while caring for Julie's aging father, Herbie. At 83, Herbie suffers from dementia and is unable to live alone. Unfortunately however, Julie and Ed's experience with an aging parent is far from rare. Like 20-million other Americans, Julie and Ed are part of "The Sandwich Generation"--those babyboomers caught between their aging parents and young children.

In her new blog titled "The New Old Age," New York Times reporter Jane Gross explores this unprecedented "Sandwich Generation" and its challenges. As Gross mentions on her blog, adults over age 80 are the fastest growing population and most will spend years dependent on others....in other words, this is a problem that will not be going away.

I invite you all to visit Jane Gross' blog "The New Old Age" and read the article "Coming Home for Herbie"--a two-part article series on TEM's film "The Sandwich Generation." Would you make the same sacrifice Julie and Ed made? What would you want your own children to do?