July 2, 2008

Two Hospitals, Two Coasts, One BIG Problem--Women Left to Die on Hospital Floors!

The number of uninsured Americans isn't the only healthcare problem on the rise....apparently, American hospitals' indifference to dying patients is growing as well!

The former Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital in Los Angeles made headlines in May 2007 when hospital staffers walked past Edith Isabel Rodriguez writhing on the ER floor for 45 minutes. Even a janitor ignored Rodriguez as he mopped around her! Now, in the same week that security camera excerpts of Rodriguez's death were leaked to the public, ANOTHER similar surveillance tape was released showing a woman collapsing and writing on the floor of the Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York! Esmin Green had been waiting in the hospital's psychiatric ER for almost 24 hours when she fell from her seat June 19. Other waiting-room patients not only sat idly by while Green laid there but hospital staffers and a security guard also ignored her. It took an hour and three minutes for a hospital staffer to go up to Green....and only after the staffer was alerted by a person in the waiting room.

Though these are only two cases out of thousands, isn't two cases TWO CASES too many? If we have the world's best medical technology, shouldn't we have the best medics to staff it?

Need to see it to believe it? Check out the New York Times' story featuring the surveillance video of Esmin Green's experience at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn.