July 23, 2008

XM Radio Host Interviews Ed Kashi on THE SANDWICH GENERATION

The 77-million Americans taking care of their children and aging parents are not only a growing segment of the nation's population, but they are also becoming a popular topic of conversation....

Last month, seasoned New York Times reporter Jane Gross featured our film The Sandwich Generation on her blog The New Old Age, NYT science editor David Corcoran discussed the film with Gross on his weekly Science Times Podcast, and now Lisa Belkin, host of the XM 155 Radio show Life's Work with Lisa Belkin, interviewed Ed Kashi on the film and his personal 'sandwich generation' experience. Read an excerpt from the interview below and click on the following link to hear the full interview.

"One of the things that kills me in our society is that somehow we're not supposed to honor our elders. I think in this fast paced, youth oriented society we're in, we lose sight of the fact that, not only is it detrimental for them, but eventually we want to be in that place, and it sure would be nice to be respected when we reach that place in our lives."
- Ed Kashi, excerpt from the interview with Lisa Belkin