September 30, 2008

TEM featured on

Homeless...not Hopeless. This is the message that Lieutenant Commander Rick Koca tries to promote through his charity organization Stand Up For Kids.....and this is also the title of TEM's short film currently featured on the AARP Magazine's website.

"In our country, 13 kids die on the streets everyday. That was just more than I was willing to accept that I could go retire, that I could not do anything anymore," 66-year-old Koca says in the film. So in 1990, Koca founded Stand Up for Kids, a national organization run by volunteers who help homeless kids get off the streets.

Written, directed, and edited by Julie Winokur and photographed by photojournalist Ed Kashi, the 9-minute video Homeless...not Hopeless is the first of an AARP online film series focusing on adults who choose to re-career later in life.

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