April 23, 2009

The Final Strayer University Essay....

Thank you again to Prof. Abramson's Intro. to Sociology class at Strayer University for sharing their essays. Here is the final essay that we will be posting:

Student 3:

This Video was very impressive to me, it basically took me to a different level that made me think about how my parents were there for me when I needed them, and now someday they are going to need me. And the question I keep asking myself is what am I going to do about it? In the video the three things that touched me the most was: the children, the daughter and Mr. Herbie.

First, I would like to express my feelings about the children. The children played a very important role in Mr.Herbie’s life, they were like his medicine. They interacted with him by dancing, singing, brushing his hair, kissing and hugging him and also talking to him. The children made Herbie feel young again. This is a very special time in the children’s lives as well as Herbie. They will always remember the times they spent with their grandfather. It’s a special kind of blessing being able to be there for your grandfather. A lot of children never even meet their grandfather, never the less help take care of them and be in their lives. With Herbie in their lives this makes them more responsible and educated on the matter that their grandfather has a terrible illness called dementia and he don’t have much time on this earth. So every minute they spend with him is priceless. And that they need to get to know their grandfather.

Next, there is Herbie’s daughter who is a very smart and caring person, what she did I really admire her. Not all people are mature enough to handle a situation like that. Herbie is so lucky to have her as his daughter. She didn’t send him away and sell his house for his money. But instead she sold the house and took him in and used the money on his medical care which is awesome. Some children just wait until their parents are dead and gone and sell their house for their use only, and that’s bad. Even though she didn’t know how much of a hassle things were going to be, she still stuck her foot out there and made it happen. There were days when she wanted to just give up, but she hung in there and that’s what counts.

Last, there was my buddy Mr. Herbie, I instantly fell in love with him. Herbie was a very fragile and sweet person. He was suffering from dementia and could no longer take care of himself. Herbie really touched my heart he reminds me of my own father, once a healthy, smart and hardworking man providing for his family and living his life to the fullest. But suddenly gets ill. When I looked at Herbie I saw a person who wasn’t ready to give up on life. Herbie enjoyed and loved his grandchildren, his daughter, the caregiver, his son-in-law and his girlfriend. When Herbie died it was very emotional for me, it felt like I knew him.

In concluding, I have made up my mind. As a parent and daughter I will take my parents in and care for them like Herbie’s family cared for him. On Herbie’s last days I know that they were special knowing that his family surrounded him and that they took very good care of him. So with that in mind I know that Herbie went in peace.