April 16, 2009


Exciting news from the world of academia!

Thank you to Strayer University's Professor Terry Abramson for incorporating Losing Herbie into the curriculum for her class "Intro to Sociology." Below are excerpts from three essays written about the film. In the following days, I will post each essay in its entirety. (For privacy, the students will remain anonymous.)

So welcome Strayer University and thank you again to Prof. Abramson and her students for allowing us to post these heartfelt essays!

Student 1:

One thing that struck me the most was how courageous and tolerant Julie was in taking care of her dad. In spite of all the responsibilities associated with taking care of him Julie was determined to stick it out because she made a promise to him and because she loved him so much....I have such a close relationship with my mother and I would want to do the same for her. I love her so much but will I be able to endure to the end as Julie did is a question I asked myself.

Student 2:

The first thing that strikes me when I watch the film is when the daughter of Herbie says, “I have no questions whatsoever, that having Herbie live here means he’s getting the best care he can possibly have”. This quote strikes me because there are possibly other places that Herbie could live that he would get better attention and care, one being a nursing home. The assurance in her voice, though, proves to me that she believes what she is saying whole heartedly.

Student 3:

This Video was very impressive to me, it basically took me to a different level that made me think about how my parents were there for me when I needed them, and now someday they are going to need me. And the question I keep asking myself is what am I going to do about it?