August 19, 2009

Current Project: the Purpose Prize

Ed and videographer Peter Trilling are currently working on a series of 10 multimedia shorts for the Purpose Prize. This project is being produced by the Talking Eyes Media team for Civic Ventures. This is a wonderful example of non-profits working together to create rich media for expanding great causes. Ed and Peter have been compiling interviews and stills on the finalists for this prize, which celebrates the decisive change some Americans have made, from being ordinary men and women to life-impacting social entrepreneurs. The final pieces will be completed and released in late October, when the winners are announced.

August 5, 2009

FIRESTORM - Coming Soon from Talking Eyes Media

View the trailer for FIRESTORM here

Talking Eyes Media has been toiling away and is happy to share the trailer for FIRESTORM - a one-hour documentary that examines
Los Angeles' rapidly unraveling health care safety net from the perspective of LAFD paramedics. With behind-the-scenes vérité, candid interviews and punctuated with stunning still images by Ed Kashi, FIRESTORM follows the paramedics of Los Angeles' station 65 in South LA, where 911 has become the speed dial for an ailing healthcare system.

LAFD Cutting Services

I was horrified to see yesterday's LA Times report about the LAFD cutting back on paramedic services. During our time in LA shooting for our latest film, Firestorm, we witnessed the Fire Department functioning as a safety net for people who have no access to health care. Over the past few decades, the role of fire departments across the United States has shifted, leaving them with less fires to fight and more health services to deliver. Without sorting out the health care debacle in this country and finding a way to provide universal coverage, it will be catastrophic to reduce ambulance and paramedic resources.

Check out the LA Times story here: