October 28, 2009

Our short film, Denied, on the Daily Kos

Yesterday MSNBC ran our short film Denied on the front page of their web site. Today the responses are pouring in.

The Daily Kos writer Sven Eberlein (citisven) weighed in with his thoughts on both the film and the current health care debate.

Raising Women's Voices is as outraged as we are at the injustice done to Sheila and her family and want you to share your thoughts as well.

Within minutes of the film being posted on MSNBC, Julie received a call from a father in Japan, an American forced to leave the country to save his newborn son's life after a series of medical horror stories. Look for a future post from Julie for a more in-depth examination of his case.

Sheila's story is touching people in many different ways, all across the globe. If you have a story of your own to share, send us an email or leave it in the comments.