November 23, 2009

A Beautiful Reaction from Motherrr's Blog

Barb from Motherrr!’s blog shares:

“I know that when my dad was dying and we were all there holding his hand and talking to him up until the end, my oldest girlfriend and I promised that we’d be there for each other and would hold each other’s hands…not really thinking through the practicality of not both being able to do that!”

She wrote this in reaction to The Sandwich Generation, and her revelation is touching to say the least. Any discussion, reflection, or learning experience brought away from our work is a validation of all the effort spent on it. This paragraph is so heartwarming because it’s moments like these that make us really cherish what’s around us. She concludes her post understanding that time spent with aging parents can be a gift, and that there is an ongoing life lesson in every affair.

Please go to Motherrr!'s blog and read this astonishingly candid blog. The insights that can be found there really are worth the time, if only to remember how important family can be.