November 11, 2009

We Honor Our Troops

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, the conflict on the Western Front of World War I ceased. Regrettably the celebrations have become more meaningful as the number of conflicts and, inevitably, unnecessary tragedies have grown.

We celebrate our veterans, the work they have done and the bravery they show when they put their lives on the line. But it seems at times we neglect to recognize the struggle they face after their return. Enlistment and service can become a lifelong commitment for those who have suffered the traumas of war.

In 2008, the Discovery Military Channel's website released a video of ours addressing the troubles and triumph of retired Sgt. Juan Arredondo: his recovery after a tragic explosion that resulted in the loss of his left hand and a great deal of his calf muscles. In memory and appreciation of our soldiers, please view this video, pass it along and remind those around you that the perils of war follow our soldiers beyond the battle field.