November 12, 2009

Voice Your Opinion on Health Care to Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid is conducting an informal survey about which aspect of health care reform matters most to us. It's critical that we voice our opinions at every opportunity to our elected leaders, so please take a moment to text your response. Just use your cellphone and pick one of these options:

What's the most important aspect of health insurance reform?

TEXT A to 42779 for:
Making sure people with preexisting conditions can get affordable insurance

TEXT B to 42779 for:
Prohibiting insurance companies from dropping people when they get sick

TEXT C to 42779 for:
Creating a public insurance option to lower costs by creating competition

TEXT D to 42779 for:
We should not reform health insurance, status quo is ok by me

TEXT your answer (A,B,C or D) to 42779 (HARRY) to vote

The only caveat is that you'll automatically be registered to receive mobile updates from Reid's campaign in the future (which you can also opt out of).