December 23, 2009

LA Times Discloses ER Wait Times

Can you guess what these activities have in common: Reading a Marquez novella, flying from NYC to London, driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, walking the NY marathon and waiting to see a doctor in a South LA emergency room? They can all take about 7 hours to accomplish. If you're in an L.A. County ER the wait time is 12 hours, according to an unpublished report by the Hospital Association of Southern California and reported by Kimi Yoshino for the LA Times.

At a time when the country is poised to enact health care reform legislation, it's alarming that emergency room wait times seem to be increasing, rather than getting better. As we continue working on FIRESTORM, we'll be tracking issues related to emergency medical care, bringing needed attention to ER problems falling under the radar with the goal of contributing to improving conditions.