May 9, 2012

TEM launches new project & needs your support

Talking Eyes Media is thrilled to announce that we've just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our newest work-in-progress Bring it to the Table.  It may be our most ambitious endeavor yet and we need your help.

Join us to help elevate the national conversation, bridge a false divide, and start making politics an acceptable topic for dinner conversations again.  Scroll below to learn more about the project and to watch our video.  Then support us by making a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to the campaign, spreading the word to your friends, and tweeting us a question for someone on the other side of the political divide!

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Visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn more, watch our video, and donate to the campaign

The Project:


Somewhere along the line, politics replaced sex as the one thing in America we don't discuss in mixed company – even amongst friends and family.  Democracy is founded on robust dialogue, and if we can't have conversations across party lines, democracy doesn't work.  Bring it to the Table is a non-partisan participatory online platform, community engagement campaign, and a series of webisodes aimed at bridging political divides and elevating the national conversation. In essence, Bring it to the Table aims to bridge the political divide by allowing everyday citizens to shaire their political beliefs, online and on camera.  It's a project for those who are tired of hyper-partisanship and want to steer political discourse back into the hands of the American people.

The concept is simple. We’re bringing our Star-Spangled Table on tour across America, setting it up in public places such as bookstores, bakeries, barbershops, schools and farms, and asking you to sit down and speak candidly about your political beliefs. No hysterics. No ranting. Just genuine discussion aimed at peeling away the stereotypes that dominate today's political debate.
In the spirit of true democracy, we are launching a participatory web site that allows for healthy discourse. The website connects a growing community of folks who want to post questions for those whose political views differ from their own. The people sitting at The Table will answer those queries, creating a dialogue loop. Throughout our Table Tour we’ll upload videos from the road, inviting constructive comments from you along the way. You will determine which line of conversations are productive or counterproductive, helping to shape and elevate the dialogue.

In the end, our great adventure through the American political psyche will be edited into webisodes that take us beyond ideology, and into the foundation—and the future—of our national conversation.
  Because the discussion will focus on values, not candidates, this project will endure far beyond the current election cycle.

How your Kickstarter donations will be used:

Your tax-deductible contribution will take our four-member crew and The Table to at least five communities across the country, as well as to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Kickstarter donations will cover the pre-production and travel expenses for this Table Tour. Though our Kickstarter goal is $30,000, we're trying to raise $50,000 so the crew can get paid and we can finish post-production on the webisodes. Any funds beyond that will be used to visit more communities on our Tour and enhance the website.

This isn’t just a crowd-funded project, it’s a crowd-produced project.  This is your dialogue. These are your beliefs and your solutions. We’ve heard enough from media moguls and politicians. We want to hear from you. Please join us at The Table and be among the first to build a creative community of Americans speaking productively about our future.  No matter your background, your hometown, your livelihood, your tax base, your political party, we want you to Bring It.