June 12, 2012

Final Days of Kickstarter

We're now in the homestretch of our campaign to raise production funds for Bring it to the Table on Kickstarter, and we're pretty darn close to meeting our goal.  Currently we've raised almost $25,000 of the $30,000 needed by Monday, June 18th.  We only have ONE WEEK left to reach our goal.  Time is ticking.  We've come this far, will you help us cross the finish line?

In the meantime, we haven't been sitting still. Last week we filmed in our home base in Montclair, NJ (where TEM is located) and took the Table to Rhode Island and the progressive conference Netroots Nation.  Today we're off to the B&H located in NYC.

More to come!

Check out a blog post about us on Pushback: http://pushback.org/2012/06/12/bringing-politics-to-the-kitchen-table-%E2%80%94-literally/