November 13, 2012

Sandy's Tragic Toll on Staten Island

We are pleased to share that Ed Kashi's photo essay on Staten Island has been published in Bloomberg Businessweek. Click below to see the heart wrenchingly beautiful pictures:

Julie Winokur is featured in the Star Ledger

Producer and Director Julie Winokur who "hears voices, dozens of voices at a time — from the left, the right and in between" has been featured in the Star Ledger for our project Bring it to the Table. 

Read more at:

November 5, 2012

"Bring it to the Table" Debuts on MSNBC

We are pleased to announce that MSNBC will feature six segments from our project. Starting November 1 and running through November 6, MSNBC will highlight one of our exciting "Table Talks" featuring some of our best political interviews.  We will also be releasing a webisode daily on our updated website: Our project is not yet complete so be sure to bookmark the site and check back daily. Feel free to leave comments or questions you may have for the other side.