July 16, 2013

Bring It to The Table Receives Fledgling Grant

We are honored to announce that The Fledgling Fund has chosen to award a grant to our project Bring It to The Table.

Bring It to The Table -- a short documentary film, participatory online platform, and community engagement campaign -- aims to help bridge America's political divide.  It challenges people to examine their own role in polarization, dismantle our assumptions about the political 'other,' and elevate our nation's political dialogue and debate.

The grant money will be used towards our outreach campaign and will enable us to develop a screening toolkit and bring the project to college campuses around the country.

In addition to funding films' outreach initiatives and audience engagement campaigns, The Fledgling Fund also shares its knowledge, experience and lessons with filmmakers in order to help them navigate through an evolving field and advance their projects.  The Fund has supported many notable films including Inocente, Hell and Back Again, Made in L.A., The Interrupters, and The Bully Project.

To learn more about Bring It to The Table visit: www.bringit2thetable.org