July 19, 2013

Canon 5D Mark III RAW forced crop in video mode

You may have noticed that if you take a photo with the Canon 5d Mark III while filming or in video mode, the CR2 file opens in Photoshop with a forced 16:9 crop. There appears to be no simple way of fixing this and keeping the file in RAW.

If you use Lightroom, Tim Jagenberg created a plugin called DeAspect that will remove this crop using ExifTool to make a duplicate of the CR2 file. I'm not sure if there is a similar plugin for other software. I tested this and it works, but we don't use Lightroom here so I don't have an appropriate workflow for Lightroom.

If your cataloging software (Lightroom, Bridge, Aperture, Expressions Media, etc.) shows the image in 3:2, but opens as 16:9 in Photoshop, then you can probably export the image(s) as a TIFF (or JPEG) in your catalog and work from the TIFFs. However, if the image is showing as a 16:9 crop in the cataloging software, then you may have to use Digital Photo Professional to remove that crop, see below.

You will need Digital Photo Professional (the software that comes with the 5D).

1. Open Digital Photo Professional and locate the files you want to convert using the browser on the left

2. Click on the photo you want to convert and select "Trimming Angle." A new window will open

3. You will see the crop lines on the image. Click the "Clear" button in the top right. It should clear the crop marks

4. Click Ok at the bottom right

5. Save your changes (File > Save)

6. You can convert to TIFF by selecting File > Convert and Save

*You can set Photoshop preferences to open TIFF files straight to Photoshop or in Camera Raw.