July 12, 2013

Eyes On This: Spilling Over

This month marks the anniversary of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Although BP promised the affected communities that they would make them whole again, now three years later, many families and communities continue to struggle.

The documentary project Spilling Over, by Lauren Frohne and my colleague Jessey Dearing, captures one family's plight to redefine their future in the aftermath of the spill.

Unlike other films about the oil spill, Spilling Over (currently in production) is about one family's personal story -- taking the viewer through intimate moments and difficult changes as the Arnesen family struggles to take back their lives. Marked by stunning imagery (both video and still photography) and powerful narratives, Spilling Over is about what happens when one family is pushed beyond their limits.

To learn more about this project visit: http://spillingoverthefilm.org/

Spilling Over from Powering a Nation on Vimeo.