August 9, 2013

Eyes On This: Portraits of Survival

For nearly a decade, photojournalist Michael Kamber covered war zones from Iraq to Afghanistan for The New York Times. In the "lull between battles," he used his camera to capture quieter moments of the civilians impacted by war. These photographs have been assembled into Kamber's first solo show in 25 years, Portraits of Survival. The show opens August 14th at the Bronx Documentary Center.

Kamber, who has seen more destruction than most people could endure, has spent the last few years trying to lend order to the chaos he has witnessed. Earlier this year, he published Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories from Iraq, a book that features harrowing interviews with 39 intrepid photographers who covered the war.

Kamber's commitment to analyzing the emotions and humanity surrounding war are a welcome contrast to the steady diet of carnage we have come to expect. His thoughtful probing forces us to  better understand the intricacies of war, from the perspective on the ground.