August 8, 2013

Donate to #SANDY

In October 2012, the treacherous Superstorm Sandy rolled onto the east coast leaving a wake of destruction in her path. Relentless, Sandy destroyed thousands of  homes, ravaged the Jersey Shore, and left millions without electricity. The effects of this monstrous hurricane were documented expansively, especially through the medium of mobile photography. #SANDY is a book project compiling about 100 iPhone images from the work of 20 photographers, including Ed Kashi (VII) who braved the storm to capture history in the making. 

This unique collection of photographs shows many facets of the storm including the violence, devastation, sadness, hope, and human elements. Interpreted through the various styles and approaches of these acclaimed photographers, the world watched as up-to-the-minute storm updates unfolded on their Instagram feeds. 

"Keyport,  NJ - October 30, 2012"
Photo©2012 Ed Kashi/VII

In order for this book to get published, the project needs your help.  This week, Wyatt Gallery launched the IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for publishing this timely and historic photography book. If the funding goal is reached, #SANDY will be published this Fall and distributed in 2014. All of the royalties from #SANDY will be donated to Occupy Sandy to support rebuilding efforts in the New York City area and Sandy Storyline. Although there has been great progress in restoration, there are still so many struggling to return to normalcy after the deadly storm. 

“This book is important because it will remind the public that many people are still in need of assistance in order to rebuild their lives and homes.  Together, we can make a difference and be the change.” 

Help get #SANDY funded by donating and spreading the word.