October 29, 2013

Hurricane Sandy - One Year Later

One year ago today on October 29, 2012, photojournalist Ed Kashi (VII) set out to document Hurricane Sandy.  Posting to TIME's Instagram feed, Ed, along with other photographers, created an up-to-the-minute documentary feed of Hurricane Sandy's impact. A culmination of these images can be see in TIME's Lightbox from October 2012. For the one year anniversary of this Superstorm, Ed Kashi will be working with NBC News to revisit the locations he documented last year.

Starting at 1:00pm today (Tuesday, October 29, 2013) Ed will be retracing his footsteps and photographing the same locations he was at one year prior, down to the exact hour.  A project highlighting the recovery, change and continued suffering present in some of these places, Ed will be taking over NBC's Instagram feed and posting images from last year followed by new photos of the same places one year later.  

Follow Ed's journey on NBC Instagram's feed @NBCNews and on their blog:

You can also follow Ed on his own Twitter and Instagram feeds @EdKashi.

Photo©2012 Ed Kashi/VII