January 29, 2014

Behind the Scenes of "Syria's Lost Generation"

In today's National Geographic PROOF blog, photojournalist Ed Kashi recounts his personal experiences documenting the plight of Syrian refugee children and filming/photographing for his recent project "Syria's Lost Generation."

"In November 2013, 22 years since my first forays into this region, I returned to northern Iraq and Jordan to tell the stories of some of these youth.  I wanted to create an intimate look into the lives of those caught in the middle, left in limbo, robbed of their childhoods," remembers Kashi in his guest blog post.  "As a hybrid visual storyteller, mixing still images with motion and sound is always deeply satisfying and empowering. I decided this would be the way to illustrate the plight of this lost generation."

Read more from Ed on today's National Geographic PROOF blog entry.  Watch the film "Syria's Lost Generation" (produced by Talking Eyes Media) on Time.com