January 6, 2014

Donate to Ed Kashi's Photo Project: Sugarcane Workers & Fatal Chronic Kidney Disease

Everyday we enjoy the sweet taste of sugarcane, 
but are you aware of the deadly effects it's having on those harvesting the crop?

© 2013 Ed Kashi (VII Photo)

Fatal Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown cause (CKDu) impacts 68% of men in some Nicaraguan communities.  Those affected are nearly all sugarcane workers with recent research linking the disease to the work in the fields.

In 2013, photojournalist Ed Kashi traveled to Nicaragua to visually document the day-to-day lives and ongoing struggles of CKDu-affected families in and around the town of Chichigalpa -- "ground zero" for this deadly disease.

Ed has now just launched a 60-day campaign to  raise $19,000 to retun to Chichigalpa to expand upon his initial work.  Ultimately this material could be utilized to garner support for the efforts of organizations advocating for the afflicted families and those striving to find solutions to Nicaragua's CKDu epidemic.

Please consider donating to this worthy project and help spread the word.


To learn more about this sugarcane crisis: