February 19, 2014

Automated Subtitles in Final Cut Pro 7

We recently came across a useful subtitling tool using Final Cut Pro 7 and InqScribe, a transcribing software that we use. Essentially, you can use InqScribe to subtitle a project, or a scene, and easily import those subtitles into FCP 7.

Start by creating a subtitle template.
1. Open Final Cut. Create a new sequence and name it Subtitle Template or something similar

2. Create a new title and put the text in the location you want it, the font, size, etc. Put the subtitle on the track that you want all your subtitles on

3. Once you have your subtitle template set, select File > Export > XML

4. Select Interchange Format, version 1 and make sure to select Save project with latest clip...

5. Click Ok and save it somewhere that makes sense for your workflow

6. Open your InqScribe transcript. When it is ready select File > Export > Final Cut Pro XML

7. Under XML template, choose Load from file and pick the XML template you exported in FCP

8. For Target you choose where to save the transcript as an XML, name it the same as your transcript file, then select Export

9. Back in FCP, select File > Import > XML

10. Choose what project you want the subtitles to be imported to under Destination
11. FCP will create a sequence named after your template with "_InqScribe" at the end of it

12. Open that sequence and you will find all of your subtitles

13. You can copy all your titles into the sequence that has your media or copy the media into the newly created sequence from the imported XML

* InqScribe doesn't currently support importing directly into Premiere Pro, but after importing to FCP you could then export XML from FCP and import it to Premiere Pro. This would be a lot of steps, and it doesn't seem to hold the formatting for the text slide, so you would have to format them all in Premiere.