February 27, 2014

Eyecup for the Canon C100 Viewfinder

If you have used the C100, you probably know the viewfinder is poorly designed. It more closely resembles a DSLR viewfinder. The angle cannot be adjusted and it's difficult to see through, especially in direct sunlight.

Fortunately, I found a close-to-perfect solution. I've been using an eyecup that came with our SmallHD DP4 monitor. I have been using it in the field for almost a year. It'll occasionally pop off if the camera strap bumps it just right, but it is a pretty snug fit. I could probably do a little more modification with velcro to keep it from falling off, but I haven't felt the need. I have tried other eye cups that we had laying around, but this was the only one that would stay on.

How do you get one? I would try calling SmallHD and to see if you can order just that. Or, I just came across this Kickstarter project, which is creating an eyecup specifically for this camera and might be a better option depending on how soon you need the eyecup.