February 25, 2014

Eyes On This: Agent Orange - A Terrible Legacy

In 2010, TEM had the pleasure of working with esteemed photojournalist Catherine Karnow on the short film The Leaves Keep Falling -- an intimate portrait of two Vietnamese families whose children are severely disabled due to exposure to the dioxin in Agent Orange.  April 2015 will mark the 40 year anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War.  But although the war is a thing of the past, its terrible legacy remains....

The effects of Agent Orange are felt for generations as afflicted persons pass the genetic burden to their children and grandchildren.  Second and third generation babies are born with cancers, respiratory problems, birth defects and deformities.

Catherine Karnow is returning to Vietnam to continue collecting photographic and video content for an awareness campaign about the ongoing devastation of Agent Orange.  The goal of this Awareness campaign is "to unlock US government support for Agent Orange clean up and equitable compensation for Agent Orange victims and their families and communities."

In order to complete this project, Catherine needs to raise $27,000 (via IndieVoices).  She has only eight days left to reach her goal.

To learn more about this project and/or to donate to her campaign please watch the campaign video below and use the following link: