February 20, 2014

Island of Widows - Project Update

Please help photojournalist Ed Kashi (co-founder of Talking Eyes Media) cross the $10,000 mark for his project The Island of Widows.  Using the power of photography and video, Ed's goal is to generate educational materials, support, and community awareness around the epidemic of chronic kidney disease in Nicaragua among its sugarcane workers.

There are only 13 days left to reach the $19,000 goal.  If the project does not reach its goal by March 5, 2014 then all donations will be returned and the project will receive no funding.

Note: Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Learn more about the project: https://indievoic.es/projects/project_home/33

© Ed Kashi

*With an average lifespan of 49 years, Nicaraguan sugarcane workers are struggling against an epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown origin (CKDu).  The town Chichigalpa, often called the "Island of Widows," marks a ground zero for this deadly disease where nearly 1-in-3 men, mostly cane workers, are in end-stage renal failure.