February 18, 2014

Photography Expedition to Costa Rica

Sick of this winter weather and all the snow we've been getting here in the States?  Then start thinking about the SUMMER.....in COSTA RICA!

Join VII photojournalists Ed Kashi and Jessica Dimmock on an exciting cultural and photographic expedition to Costa Rica!

Be one of sixteen high school students to travel to rural Costa Rica for two weeks under the mentorship of Ed and Jessica.  You will immerse yourself in the culture of Costa Rica's indigenous tribes -- the Maleku and Bribri -- living alongside them while visually documenting the challenges they face in maintaining identity and culture in the modern world.

VII Photo Agency in partnership with Rustic Pathways has specifically designed this riveting program for high school students interested in developing story telling skills through photography.

Click this live link below to learn more and submit your application:

¡Vamos a Costa Rica!