April 4, 2014

Eyes On This: Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

NPR's Planet Money team provides a look into the hidden world behind T-shirts sold in the U.S. via the multimedia project Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt.

Broken into five video chapters (filmed across three continents) and with accompanying text story with charts and illustrations, we learn how a T-shirt is manufactured from cotton fields to factories to shipping containers.  

This multimedia project (funded entirely by a Kickstarter campaign) is very dynamic and engaging -- incorporating video, photography, print, and the 'Snow Fall' Effect -- allowing the viewer to experience a seamless experience.  Although only following a t-shirt, the project also gives us a glimpse into the modern global economy as a whole -- but all in an entertaining way!  No wonder Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt won 1st Place for Multimedia Package in this year's NPPA Best of Photojournalism Awards.

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