May 22, 2014

Project Update: The Island of Widows

© Ed Kashi/VII
In January, photojournalist and TEM Co-founder Ed Kashi (with TEM's support) launched an IndieVoices campaign for his project "The Island of Widows."  With generous support, Ed was able to raise $19,610 and continue his work on the kidney disease (CKDu) epidemic that is ravaging communities.

A few weeks ago, Ed returned to Chichigalpa, Nicaragua with TEM videographer Jessey Dearing and returned with a treasure trove of footage.

"We witnessed numerous funeral processions through the town of Chichigalpa, and were given access to document the wake of a 29-year-old worker who had died that morning," wrote Ed in his latest newsletter. "For the first time, we were able to gain access to photographe cane workers toiling in the fields and conduct interviews with a representative of the sugar cane company."

© Ed Kashi/VII
"Combining the new material with the work from my previous two trips, we will now produce a short documentary film (expected to be released this summer), along with two series of still photographs; one set containing portraits of the individuals and families impacted by CKDu, and the other a set of documentary images."

Both bodies of work will be published on the VII Photo Agency website within the next couple of weeks.  Additionally, the NY Times recently ran a detailed article on the topic of kidney disease in Nicaragua, NPR aired a public health broadcast on the issue (featuring one of Ed's images), and the Open Society Foundations' Instagram feed launched with a selection of Ed's images from this recent trip.

TEM and Ed will continue to keep you posted as the post-production on the film progresses and Ed's photos continue to be published.