January 27, 2015

National Geographic features Newest Americans first documentary: Notes for My Homeland

National Geographic featured Notes for My Homeland today, the first documentary in Newest Americans: Stories from the Global City, a co-production of Talking Eyes Media, VII, and Rutgers University-Newark.

For the next three years we'll be partnering with these entities to find and produce stories about the various individuals that have migrated to the United States. The work produced by this collaboration of journalists, students, media-makers and educators will be presented on the Newest Americans website.

Notes for My Homeland profiles American-Syrian composer Malek Jandali, a man who captures the dream of a free Syria in his world-renowned music. The songs he writes are compelling to the point of provoking a personal retaliation from Assad.

“The strategy of dictatorship is to destroy the human spirit,” Jandali says. Despite the painful consequences he has suffered, he continues to strengthen the Syrian spirit with his music.

On January 31st, Jandali will make history as the first Arab-American composer to premiere his work at Carnegie Hall.

January 23, 2015

British Army Release

For the last few months, Talking Eyes has worked with the British Army to produce a three-part series documenting a side to the military that we don't often see: humanitarian aid. This week we launched the first two documentaries in the series!


From Blood to Honey 

British Army Major Ridge returns to the Balkans, where 14 years ago he worked to help rebuild Kosovo after a devastating civil war.

Watch Kosovo: From Blood to Honey


From Haiyan to Home 

Major Hayward goes back to the Philippines to see the lasting impact of the aid she and her comrades gave after Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

Look out for Emergency: From Battlefield to St. Bart's in February, in which British Army surgeons relate how military experience impacts the way civilian trauma care takes place.